Earthquake in America; Earthquake warning bay area

In recent years, many people are the US have earthquake warning bay area come to ignore the fact that earthquake in America is still possible. Scientists are now drawing the attention of the American public to the fact that a major earthquake could take place at any moment from now. Such awareness is a good thing because it allows people to prepare for the worst, take necessary measures towards protecting lives and properties earthquake warning bay area and greatly reduce the effect of any earthquake in America.

It would be recalled that there was a big earthquake in Japan and New Zealand in the past few weeks. One should also not forget the earthquake incidents in Haiti and Chile in January 2010. This natural phenomenon is working in a clockwise nature, trying to continue. Therefore, a good number of scientists are now worried that a earthquake in America earthquake warning bay area could be the next on the list.


You might be laughing that it is a bog joke that there would be any earthquake in America. This is a matter scientists are taking seriously. Scientists drew the attention of the world to the San Francisco earthquake about 4 days earthquake warning bay area before it took place in October 1989. It has been observed that the months in which devastating earthquakes occur are October, March and April. It has always been the belief of some people that the moon has an effect on the earth in terms of earthquake.

Many people have argued that there is likelihood of an earthquake if the moon comes too close to the earth becomes several forces are triggered at the same time, causing a devastating earthquake in the parts of the earth which earthquake warning bay area are vulnerable to earthquakes. earthquake in america


In most cases, major changes in the earth magnetic field predict the occurrence of a big earthquake. The changes could be easily noticed from the massive migration of animals especially water animals like whales, fishes, etc. Animals earthquake warning bay area are naturally gifted with the ability to perceive earthquake danger ahead of humans and most of them start migrating to safe places.

In this period, they also start making unusual noises and behaviors. All these events have been noticed in the California area recently and it is a sign that we should all be prepared for any earthquake in America very soon because these were the types of events that took place before the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco, California.


Strange animals behaviors that precede earthquakes are not limited to the US. It has been noticed that whales and strange fishes in the Indian Ocean migrate to the seashore before any major earthquake in Asia. This is not an exception to the occurrence of tsunamis.

For instance, the big tsunami of 1964 that occurred in Alaska took place on the day of the full moon and the event was also preceded by strange water earthquake warning bay area animal behaviors. One fact is that earthquake in America is not limited to Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and West Coast alone. There are earthquake warning bay area 39 states in the US which are at risk also, including Tennessee and New York.


The effect of a major earthquake in America would be devastating. The fault line known as “New Madrid” is located in the heart of the country and the people at risk are those living in states like Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, Indiana and Illinois.

There are more than 14 million people living in these states and one should imagine what earthquake warning bay area would happen in the event of a major earthquake. It has been observed that those at higher risk are those living in or around Memphis, with estimation of a 7.0 to 8.0 major earthquake likely to occur in this area.

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