Online casino games built with Ethereum Smart Contracts

TL;DR: FunFair is an Online Casino Games technological know-how and development employer constructing each a platform and a suite of high fantastic main online casino games. Funded via angel tech investors — and now geared up to ‘show n tell’.

We’ve been in stealth mode for awhile — building our technological know-how and video games and its taken almost a year however we’re in the end ready to begin displaying what we’ve been working on. We’re over the hump in terms of R&D. We’ve solved some large tech issues and feel we’re at the stage the place the work is prepared to exhibit and solicit optimistic feedback with a view to releasing the games later this year.

About us

We’re a tested team of expert laptop games / gaming developers. A combination of ancient and new. Some of us have been around a lengthy time — since the early pc games that you might’ve played as kids.

My first game used to be in the 80’s (!) — StarGlider on the Atari and Amiga computers. In the 90’s my team at Argonaut produced some of the first 3D laptop games on online casino games consoles like Nintendo and PlayStation, and we additionally designed the first 3D graphics accelerator chip (GPU) for games systems (the Super FX chip for the sixteen bit Super Nintendo amusement system). We used the 3D chip to build the StarFox game amongst others.

We constructed one of the first 3D platform games (Croc) on PlayStation and some of the most successful platform games like Harry Potter — each of those video games offered millions of copies… but enough about retro games, which I may want to go on about for hours.

I’ve also been into technological know-how and silicon design. One of my startups — ARC International produced the first customisable risc microprocessor which is still in use nowadays inner many of your usb sticks, sd cards, and also inside almost each Intel microprocessor (!)

Crypto background

I got into Bitcoin in early 2013… attended the San Jose Bitcoin convention that year, and have joined most bitcoin conferences ever since, frequently as a speaker or panelist speakme about mining — I mined professionally throughout late 2013 and 2014.

When Ethereum was once introduced in Miami at the TNABC, I was there – an exciting time! Several of my bitcoin friends have been early founders. I participated in the crowd sale and nonetheless preserve Eth nowadays (and very happy 😉

Why Ethereum?

We love innovation, Casino Games and gaming, and Ethereum with its Smart Contracts appeared like an herbal home for us.

Our early work in Ethereum was once figuring out what was feasible to do on-chain and what room for innovation was once viable in the space occupied through the DApp and the Smart Contracts.

Above all our mission was once to make the games unique to the mass market — not aimed at fellow geeks (like us). To make them FUN they truely had to be quick and responsive but additionally seem good, play well and typically do all the matters that the blockchain primarily based video games to date haven’t done. Above all we couldn’t have the video games jogging in lockstep with the blockchain (like everybody else looks to be doing). The Online Casino Games shouldn’t be impenetrable so that you need to know about blockchains to play them.

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